Do Sports Sponsorships Influence Fans Purchasing?

MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL Fans Sponsor Influence

Charts comparing fans of major North American team sports.

When examining the charts, we see little difference between major North American team sports fans. Over fifty percent of every fanbase answered that “sports sponsorships do not influence at all” in purchasing decisions. Where there is some variation is NBA fans.

NBA fans are influenced more by sponsorships in comparison to the other three. Additionally, they have the lowest percentage of fans that are not influenced at all by sponsors.

MMA, NASCAR, and PGA Fans Sponsor Influence

Charts comparing individual sports fans.

In contrast to team sports, NASCAR and MMA fans are swayed more by sponsors. The majority of fans are impacted on some level. A simple explanation is a connection to the driver or fighter. Also, knowing a few NASCAR fans, they have car loyalty. They will form an allegiance to the vehicle of their favorite driver. Furthermore, it displays that companies may look towards these channels moving forward.

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