Do Sports Sponsorships Influence Fans Purchasing?

Citi Field provides an example of a stadium with a vast amount of corporate sponsors.

From these examples, there have been times where a particular set of circumstances or promotions has influenced my decisions. On the other hand, a name of a stadium, sign in the outfield, or being the official car of my favorite teams has no bearing on my decision to purchase. Even if two products or services are relatively equal, either being a team sponsor would not factor into the equation.

How Do Fans Feel About Sports Sponsorships?

Enough about myself, it is possible that I’m an outlier, and fans are heavily influenced by team or league sponsors. I decided to look at the data to determine how I compare.

Sports Marketing Analytics provides a myriad of data about all sports. The numbers were gathered from a survey where fans were asked how influential sports sponsorships are to their inclination to purchase the sponsor’s product. I examined the four major North American team sports leagues along with NASCAR, Golf, and MMA. Below are the results and my conclusion from the data. Please keep in mind that the figures are from 2019.

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