Denver Broncos Star Melvin Gordon Doesn’t Expect Aaron Rodgers To Leave The Green Bay Packers

Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon isn’t expecting Aaron Rodgers to leave the Green Bay Packers amid rumors the reigning NFL MVP could fashion a move to Denver this offseason. Rodgers isn’t with the Packers at the moment, although the team started mandatory minicamp this week. 

While he’s still very much a member of the Packers organization, Rodgers is believed to be done with the team as he’s told them in no uncertain terms that he wants out. The QB has played with Green Bay for all of his career so far but his trade request has made it so that the Broncos are considered to be one of the most likely destinations. 

Denver was one of the first teams pointed to when the talk of landing spots for the player came to the fore. The Broncos are still the team considered to have the biggest chance of snagging Rodgers, and the betting odds should definitely be paid attention to. Of course, the Broncos brought Teddy Bridgewater in via trade during the offseason – Bridgewater will be providing competition for Drew Lock next season – but that’s hardly incentive to pass up if landing Rodgers becomes a real possibility.

With Julio Jones getting traded recently, all the attention is back on Rodgers. And, given his absence from minicamp, rumors are beginning to ramp up. NFL insider Jason La Canfora claimed there was “no chance in hell” Rodgers was ever going to be part of minicamp as he has told the Packers “to their face he’s done with them.” 

According to La Canfora, Rodgers is “over it and done with” the team.

“Will he take his foot off their neck in August? We’ll find out in August,” he added. “But he wasn’t taking his foot off their neck for some arbitrary Tuesday in freaking June because they’re having their three-day minicamp.

“I don’t think (the Packers) can fix it. They’ve tried the money. Could they throw more money? I guess … You (almost) gotta try to find a third party to mediate this. (GM Brian Gutekunst) and (president Mark) Murphy, this is not a Rubik’s Cube they can solve.”

As mentioned above, however, Gordon doesn’t think Rodgers will land in Denver, nor does he reckon the QB will leave at all.

“As far as Aaron Rodgers, I honestly think he’s going to stay with Green Bay,” the RB told NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” on Wednesday. “I think he’s gonna stay there, man. You can’t really see him in any other color. But who would be upset with having Aaron Rodgers? But we don’t have him, so we got to roll with Teddy, we got to roll with Drew, so whoever’s our guy is our guy.”

While the situation looks bleak for Green Bay, Gordon isn’t allowing himself to get optimistic over the prospect of his team acquiring the best quarterback in the NFL. Should the Packers put Rodgers on the trading block, Denver would be one of the teams who go for him but nothing is sure at the moment. 

Melvin Gordon believes his teammates support his holdout - Bolts From The  Blue

Green Bay hasn’t made any moves to that effect as they very much want to keep their player but team president Mark Murphy recently admitted the situation has divided the Packers’ fan base. 

“The situation we face with Aaron Rodgers has divided our fan base,” he wrote in a column on the Packers website this week. “The emails and letters that I’ve received reflect this fact. 

“As I wrote here last month, we remain committed to resolving things with Aaron and want him to be our quarterback in 2021 and beyond. We are working to resolve the situation and realize that the less both sides say publicly, the better.”

That could be an indication of the team backing down from its stance. However, only time will tell. 

As for Gordon and the Broncos, there’s no point in waiting around for Rodgers to be placed on the block as there’s every possibility it doesn’t happen. For the time being, the team should be concentrating on the players they actually have on the roster. But the situation with the Packers does appear to be deteriorating quickly, with Rodgers staying away from minicamp.

It’s also been suggested that the team hasn’t traded Rodgers because they aren’t convinced he won’t play for them. Matt Schneidman asserts the team would trade the player if they felt he was truly committed to never playing for them again but, if that’s the case, it appears they are of the view that he could be goaded into a change of heart.

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