Cody Bellinger Calls Out The Houston Astros For Stealing Title

Bellinger is an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he was not happy to hear about the comments coming from the Houston Astros owner Jim Crane regarding the sign-stealing incident, as he claims that the sign-stealing “didn’t impact the game.”

It only took 24 hours from the time the comments were released for the 2019 National League MVP to call the Astros’ world series title into question, along with Jose Altuve’s 2017 AL MVP win. Read his comments below.

“That’s just wild. And I don’t know if (Crane) meant to say that or not, but that’s obviously not true, because knowing what pitch is coming greatly impacts the game.

I thought (MLB commissioner Rob) Manfred’s punishment was weak, giving (the players) immunity. I mean, these guys were cheating for three years. I think what people don’t realize is Altuve stole an MVP from (Aaron) Judge in ’17. Everyone knows they stole the ring from us.”

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