At Home Handles – Program

Welcome to At Home Handles by Playmaker x AJ Rompza!

Shoutout to you for investing in your game!

Watch the introduction below and then we’ll be able to get right into it!

These drills are meant to be watched while you’re working out! Pull up these pages and follow along with AJ!

Take a break in between each video and then get right into that next one!

Here on this page, you’ll be able to see all of the warmups, stretches and how we’d like you to get started. At the bottom of this page you’ll be able to click to the Ball Handling progressions and your bonuses!

Now we’re going to get into our warmups and stretches!

Let’s get started with some wraps with the basketball to get the blood pumping!

Remember: take a break in between each video! Catch your breath, have a sip of water if needed and pull up the next video.

Next: we’re speeding up these wraps and getting into some stretching!

It’s super important to work on your flexibility in your hips, your legs and your core- this helps with your balance, your vertical, your ability to stay low and explode out of your low positions. A flexible athlete is a better athlete! Let’s get it.

It’s also important to do the warmups first so you’re not stretching cold muscle. Get that blood flowing first.

Now that we’re stretched out, let’s get into our leg and core strength, starting with some lunges.

Don’t forget to take a break and drink water as needed while you’re pulling up the next exercise!

Next, we’re getting into some jump lunges to work a little bit more on explosion.

Now, let’s get those hips and knees driving off the floor. We’re doing some high knees.

Let’s keep building that strength and your ability to stay low! Wall sits.

Let’s keep the functional strength going with some low and slow defensive slides. If you have bands, use them now! If not, push yourself to stay low and keep your butt down until exhaustion.

Time to ramp it up with some squats and planks!

These exercises are amazing for core strength and functional athletic strength. All of the workouts on this page are designed to get you warmed up and make you a strong, functional, explosive athlete. You CAN’T be a great ball handler without the right strength, balance and explosiveness.

Now, Good Mornings for your back.

Ready for Handles

You did it! You’re a better, stronger, more balanced and explosive athlete. Now you’re ready to focus on your handles.

Take a quick break, head to a good place with the space to dribble the basketball and click the link below to get going.

It’s time to get into the ball handling work! Access that here:

At Home Handles

Access Your Bonuses Here:

At Home Handles

*If you have any questions, please email

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