20 Insane NBA Trades You’ll Either Love OR Hate

With the deadline around the corner (Feb 7th), everyone is waiting for trade madness to kick off.

Will Anthony Davis be traded before the All-Star break? Will the Lakers make a big move? Is Bradley Beal staying in D.C.? Will the Warriors add another All-Star? While no one has the answers, we have the possibilities.

Just a couple of seasons ago; Kyrie & LeBron were Cavaliers, Jimmy Butler was a Bull, Carmelo was a Knick, Victor Oladipo and Paul George haven’t swapped teams, Kawhi was still a Spur, and DeMarcus Cousins wasn’t helping create a super-team. The NBA can change fast, and its destined to take another big turn sooner than later.

Your favorite team may become a contender, or you might have your heart ripped out as you watch your beloved franchise trade away the only talent on the team. What we do know about the NBA is that the unscripted drama is never ending, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

These ridiculous trade scenarios would be sure to spice up the NBA. Let’s look at 20 Insane NBA Trades that would stun the basketball world, starting with an L.A. surprise…

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