15 Things You Didn’t Know About Lonzo Ball

Everyone has talked about Lonzo Ball, read about him, watched ESPN segments debating about his potential as a basketball player, many have even watched him in his family reality TV show and heard him rap. But no one really knows who Lonzo Ball is because his dad always stole the spotlight.

Initially, basketball fans developed strong opinions about Lonzo Ball solely because Lavar Ball draws so much extremely negative and positive attention with his love him or hate him bravado and comments.

Also, Zo doesn’t seem like the type to steal the show. During his interviews and on camera moments he comes across as a chill, down to earth guy that prefers to let his game and actions speak for themselves.

Very different than his father, Lavar.

Because a large group of NBA fans were already biased against Lonzo since day one, people quickly started creating a narrative that Lonzo was a bust. Memes and videos mocking his shooting form flooded social media. But many would be surprised to learn Lonzo Ball had a better shooting year his rookie season than these NBA legends we will mention shortly.

Soon, you will also learn why Lonzo Ball wears the #2, what kind of student he was, what extravagant gift Zo bought his parents on Christmas, & what truly sparked the downfall of the Big Baller Brand…

Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Lonzo Ball.

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