10 Worst Stories of Athletes Gambling

3. Gilbert Arenas
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A friendly card game turned sour.

Gilbert Arenas reportedly owed Javaris Crittenton $25,000 and tried to get out of paying the money. Javaris didn’t like it and apparently threatened to shoot Gilbert in the knee, which could have inflicted a career ending injury.

In response to Javaris’ threat, No Chill Gil apparently brought 3 loaded guns into the Wizards locker room and placed them in Crittenton’s locker with a note that said, “pick one.”

Javaris then allegedly drew his own gun. Some people say he also threw one at Arenas.

Gilbert Arenas was then sentenced 2 years’ probation after charged for possession of an unlicensed pistol in Washington D.C., which is a felony. Javaris Crittenton received 1 year of probation for his part in the altercation.

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